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Hello! My name is Vgan Chou from Chongqing, China. I am a free IT designer, system architect, product designer and costume design enthusiast. I devote my mind to stability and usability of system framework. I have a profound knowledge and unique approach on interface design, front-end performance optimization, interactive experience, product design and brand planning. I am professional in each process from product prototype design to interface design, front reconstruction, program development, server configuration, project test optimization and project going online.

I have been always pursuing lightness, quickness, stability and completeness on projects. Having engaged in programming for 12 years, I have unique style and excellent performance from web design, UI/ VI design, APP design, typographical design, 3D model design, AE effects to carving, artwork, calligraphy and costume design.


I have been engaged in program development for eight years, including JAVA/PHP/AS/JS and IOS / Android development languages. Constant daily changes have been taken place on my design style. Progresses and advances are made on the direction of making products as core and users as fundamental. Meanwhile, I am the recognized designer for many well-known brands. Nowadays, my clients cover globally. Thousands of people are using my designs every day. At this moment, I would like to express thanks for your supports in these years. And I will make more efforts in the coming years.


Scope of work


Design: web design, UI/ VI design, APP design, typographical design, advertising design, package design, animation design, image post processing, 3D model design, booth design, costume design, system framework design and front-end framework design.


Programe:PHP ,JAVA, AS, JS,CSS


Welcome clients in the following sectors: Arts, culture, food, clothing, publishing, photography, advertising, e-commerce, schools, government, luxury.


Others: SEO, E-commerce solutions for complex problems, corporate advisory.

About this site


This site, founded on August 8, 2014, belongs to the HTML5 upgraded version of previous blog. Visitors could browse the works within the authorized area through this site. Reproduction shall be not allowed without my permission. I am sorry for the inconvenience of non-public display of part of works due to confidentiality agreement.


There are Chinese and English in this site. It is compatible to all browsers except for IE6. Css3 effects of IE series can be achieved in IE9+ browser or above. To achieve best experience, it is suggested to use Google chrome browser.


I hope to get to know more like-minded friends through this site. Communication makes progress!


Contact:, QQ:253840780








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With the design experience of 12 years, I have profound knowledge in designs of advertising, e-commerce, model-building, printing, graph, costume and booth. I am proficient in various design software. I have global customers and am known for high quality and high speed.
I have extensive product architecture design concepts with a global overview. I am capable of fully considering product design from aspects of client requirement, design, front-end, back-end program and servers. I am fast, accurate, stable and comprehensive. Numerous successful cases that I have achieved have spread across all sectors. With me, it is not a dream to achieve billions of dollars in annual sales.
I am familiar with IOS and Android development language and design specifications. Once I developed the ever fastest Hybrid APP frame (which was faster than many native app). I have comprehensive and in-depth study in APP interactivity and functionality, especially paying attention to optimization and improvement in details and performance.
I am familiar with various database operation—access, mysql, sql and Oracle. I have unique understanding and method in database query and optimization. I have my own style in database management and high concurrency solutions
I have years of photography experiences. I pursue for nature, and excellent quality. Scopes: humanity, nature, still life, originality and advertising photography. Capabilities: pre-shooting and post-processing, superior to all ordinary studios
My proud specialty is JavaScript. I have absolute advantages and top technologies in page performance optimization, frame rate and executive efficiency. Codes are clean and tidy with high level of repeated use. I have good coding style and object-oriented programming thinking. There is no difficulty in achieving perfectness in pagespeed test
J2SE, J2ME, J2EE, EJB, Serverlet/JSP, SSH. With years of development experience, I have developed several mature systems.
I have mature experience in Flash animated painting and production. I am adept in AS, and familiar with the application of Flex or Flash development tools, as well as XML, socket network communications.
Server installation, deployment, optimization, security settings, domain binding, pseudo static rules, management and maintenance of DNS server, and domain name change
Know the cutting-edge fashion design and current trends. Fashion design is only a personal hobby.
Familiar with principles and characteristics of Google and Baidu search engines, as well as ranking rules and laws. Proficient in techniques of website content optimization, keyword optimization, internal link optimization, code optimization, url address optimization, and image optimization.
Owning years of senior management experience (director level and above). Good at interpersonal communication, and project management and R&D. Playing a pivotal position in company’s major decisions and development direction.
I have a good command of various browsers standards. The codes are compatible to all browsers. The speed of writing codes is fast. As for css, I pay more attention on the level of repeated use of code and framework stability, truly achieving “write less, do more”.
I am adept in various popular systems and framework. I have experience in large web development and am familiar with design patterns and algorithms. I have good coding style and programming habit with strong logical thinking.
Video post processing, calligraphy, carving, music, cooking, swimming and tennis